COVID-19 Travel Requirements and What is a Fit to Fly Covid-19 Test?

COVID-19 Travel Requirements and What is a Fit to Fly Covid-19 Test?

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic spread across the world, there have been restrictions of some sort in place in the UK. Particularly as we pass the one-year mark since we had the first lockdown, to control the spread of the virus and the numerous variants that are starting to appear, travel is still very much only allowed outside the country in controlled circumstances.

What are the current travel restrictions and when are they likely to change? If they change, you may still need to take certain precautions and you also need to become familiar with what a Fit to Fly Covid-19 Certificate is. For the most up-to-date information available on these subjects, keep reading.

What Are the Current Rules and Regulations on Travel during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Currently, as per UK law regarding Covid-19 restrictions, the rule is still that you need to stay at home and that it is illegal to travel across the home nations or abroad, without a permitted reason. If you need to travel, to England you are required to complete an international travel declaration form.

However, that is not all you need to do as you need to consider what the rules, restrictions, and regulations are on traveling to and from other countries. Some countries, for instance, have closed borders at the moment, whereas others may have stricter requirements for entry.

As with anything related to this Covid-19 pandemic, everything is in a state of flux and constantly changing. As the vaccine rollout continues, more places may start accepting visitors from the UK, and as the travel bans are lifted here too you will have more freedom to travel. The best advice would be to check the rules and regulations for the places you are intending on traveling to and from at the time of booking and at the time of departing/arriving, as well as on the way back too.

For example, on entering/returning to the UK, you need to follow the set-out rules, such as details about your journey and contact information, along with a negative Covid-19 text before you depart on the plane. Upon arriving on UK soil again, you will be expected to quarantine and take further Covid-19 tests to prove you are still not carrying the virus. If you arrive in Scotland or England from a red list travel ban country, your quarantine will take place in a specially designated and closely monitored hotel.

On the subject of Covid-19 tests, you may have noticed Fit to Fly Covid-19 Certificates being mentioned. What are they?

What are Fit to Fly Covid-19 Certificates?

If you are planning on traveling, most airlines and destinations require that you have a Fit to Fly Covid-19 Certificate that signifies you produced a negative Covid-19 test 72 hours before your flight. Although you can get tests through the NHS, these are only offered to people who think they have got symptoms or who are displaying noticeable symptoms. Therefore, you need to go to a private clinic for your PCR certificate for travel, like Pure Testing.

There is already standard Fit to Fly Certificates available, but Covid-19 specific ones involve testing for the coronavirus as opposed to just offering an indication that you have a fit bill of health for traveling.

What is Included in Your Fit to Fly Covid-19 Certificate?

There are several important pieces of information that are needed and are included on your Fit to Fly Certificate Covid-19 from Pure Testing, including:

  • Your full name, date of birth, and contact detail
  • Your passport number
  • Confirmation of your negative Covid-19 test result and signature from a fully qualified GP
  • Full audit trail and test report regarding Pure Testing’s UKAS-approved lab


Given the real risk, there is of the different variants in existence, we would suggest that you may want to avoid traveling abroad if entirely possible. However, if necessary and you are approved for traveling, you should contact Pure Testing to arrange for your Fit to Fly Covid-19 Certificate. It is much better to invest in it ahead of time, following the directions of the country’s government of where you are traveling to and the airline you are traveling on, rather than taking a risk and heading to the airport hoping you will be okay and being told to go home.

"Please note, it is you responsibility to check the latest travel guidance for your country of travel. The information below may not be up to date"

COVID-19 Travel Requirements and What is a Fit to Fly Covid-19 Test?

Results delivered at 6pm daily. The PCR Swab Test is the most accurate test available.

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COVID-19 Travel Requirements and What is a Fit to Fly Covid-19 Test?

What is the Antigen Test?

Get guaranteed results for your Covid-19 Antigen Test at 10pm.

The Antigen Test is used to determine whether you have the Covid-19 virus. This test works by searching for the pieces of the virus that your immune system recognises, the antigens.

It is especially helpful for screening acute, asymptomatic, and mild patients for identifying the Covid-19 infection.

We will email you the test result certificate by 10pm the same day you had the test.

NB. You are not allowed to travel to the majority of destinations on the basis of your Covid-19 Antigen Test. If you are looking to travel please book your PCR Test and Fit to Fly Certificate.

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