Fit to Fly Certificate for Travellers to Greece

Fit to Fly Certificate for Travellers to Greece

There have been so many changes to the way we live our lives in the last 18 months or so that it can even be hard to remember what the world was like pre-Covid-19. Travel, at least for the most part, was unrestricted, we didn’t need to book a place at our favourite restaurant using an app before arriving and didn’t need to wear face masks everywhere.

Even though things are improving, and we are heading away from the tightest restrictions we all experienced at the height of the pandemic, governments around the world are still being cautious. With that in mind, you may be considering your options for travel and wondering where you can and can’t go. Although we have endeavoured to provide the relevant information on this post, particularly with traveling to Greece, things may be different by the time you read this.

Can You Travel to Greece?

Unfortunately, the answer to this big and important questions is that it really depends on your status and circumstances. The current rules allow only UK nationals who are permanent residents of Greece, UK, other EFTA/EU states or other countries like Bosnia -Herzegovina, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Kuwait, China, Qatar, Bahrain, Belarus, Canada, North Macedonia, Israel, Serbia, US, Russian Federation, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Rwanda, Thailand, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia.

If you are a UK national residing officially in another country not mentioned above, it could be that you will be refused entry to Greece due to current Covid-19 restrictions.

Which Covid-19 Tests Do You Need to Travel to Greece?

If you qualify for entry to Greece, you also need to have a negative Covid-19 PCR test 72 hours before you depart. When you arrive in Greece you will also be expected to have a rapid Covid-19 test.

What If Any, Additional Documentation is Required for Entry to Greece from the UK?

It is important that you complete what is known as a Passenger Locator Form. You need to fill this out online, at least 24 hours before you are due to arrive in Greece. It is in English and is required not just for travelling by air, but if you are travelling by rail, road or even ferry to Greece. If you don’t fill this form out, the company you are travelling with may not allow you to travel, or if you are allowed to travel you could face a fine of 500 euros or the authorities in Greece will not allow you to enter into the country.

You and everyone you are travelling with should have their details filled out on the PLF, even children. When you are travelling with people outside your household, you should all fill out separate forms.

Greek authorities only require one form including all details for everyone travelling in the same household. However, there are some airlines that prefer all travellers over the age of 18 to fill out their own, even within the same household. It’s a good idea, therefore, to check what your airline requires in adding to the Greek government requirements.

Once you have completed the form, you will be sent a QR code by email. Make sure you can either show the code directly from your phone or print it out so you can show airline officials and when you arrive in Greece.

Where Can You Get A Covid-19 PCR Test and Fit to Fly Certificate for Travellers to Greece?

Although the NHS provide testing for Covid-19, you can’t use this service if you need the results of the test to prove you are eligible to travel abroad. There are various organisations and companies that offer private testing, though. While it’s true you could go to any of them, there is a lot of evidence to show why you should choose Pure Testing.

For one thing, Pure Testing is one of a verry small number of testing facilities and labs that are fully backed by the Government and that have UKAS accreditation. All tests through Pure Testing are administered efficiently and quickly to provide the most accurate results. The testing process has also been made as simple as possible. To book a test, you just need to use the online scheduler, choose the date, and time that is suitable considering your departure time. On the day of the test, go along to the designated test centre, and it will take 15 minutes or less for the professionals there to carry out your test.

You will then be sent the results via email in the format you state at the time of booking. It really is that easy.

"Please note, it is you responsibility to check the latest travel guidance for your country of travel. The information below may not be up to date"

Fit to Fly Certificate for Travellers to Greece

Results delivered at 6pm daily. The PCR Swab Test is the most accurate test available.

See why NHS tests are not suitable for fit to fly
Fit to Fly Certificate for Travellers to Greece

What is the Antigen Test?

Get guaranteed results for your Covid-19 Antigen Test at 10pm.

The Antigen Test is used to determine whether you have the Covid-19 virus. This test works by searching for the pieces of the virus that your immune system recognises, the antigens.

It is especially helpful for screening acute, asymptomatic, and mild patients for identifying the Covid-19 infection.

We will email you the test result certificate by 10pm the same day you had the test.

NB. You are not allowed to travel to the majority of destinations on the basis of your Covid-19 Antigen Test. If you are looking to travel please book your PCR Test and Fit to Fly Certificate.

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