Fit to Fly Certificate for Travellers to Italy

Fit to Fly Certificate for Travellers to Italy

Italy is a very popular destination for Brits to travel to for holidays and other reasons. Also, because of the high number of Italians and British-Italians living in the country, there are strong ties with Italy. Brexit aside, travelling to and from Italy has never really been a problem. You could easily find airlines from up and down the country that had direct flights to the mainland and its islands.

That was until the world was turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic. Since the first national lockdown, travel has been restricted outside of the country. While it is generally still possible to travel, even by air to many places, there are stricter rules and regulations related to doing so. If you are planning a trip for any reason to Italy this year, before you boo anything, we recommend that you read through this brief guide and take a look also at for more up to date information.

Can You Travel to Italy?

The simple answer is, yes, you can. However, it is not as easy as it was pre-pandemic. Until the 30th of August, if you are travelling from the UK and have been there within the previous 14 days, you need to provide either a negative antigen or molecular test that was taken 48 hours before you arrive in Italy.

After that, you will need to self-isolate for 5 days and take a rapid molecular or antigenic test with a negative result for release from quarantine.

What Covid-19 Tests Do you Need to Travel to Italy?

As noted above, there are several options you can take and need to take if you want to travel to Italy from the UK. For instance, you need to have taken an antigen or molecular test within 48 hours before arriving in Italy. Following mandatory 5 days of self-isolation, you then need to take another rapid molecular or antigenic test.

What Documentation Do You Need to Travel to Italy?

Even before the pandemic, there was important documentation that you needed to possess before travelling abroad to another country. The regulations have tightened, though and in addition to a negative test result, you also need some other important documents.

For instance, it will be helpful to have an Italy Fit to Fly Certificate as this proves you have been tested and tested in an approved and authorised testing facility with access to an approved laboratory.

You also need to fill in an online digital form that will provide you with a QR code that you can show to the travel provider you are flying with and Border Control if requested. If you are unable to use a digital device, you can use a paper version of the form.

You also need to have details of the location you are planning on participating in your period of self-isolation. If you are not able to show evidence of your negative test result or details where you are self-isolating, you could be turned away from the border and sent back on the plane to the UK.

Where Can You Get the Covid-19 Tests You Need for Travelling to Italy?

This is the biggest dilemma you will face. Although the NHS offers tests to people who believe they have the disease, you cannot get tests from your local hospital or health service for travelling. Fortunately, since the pandemic took hold of the world, a lot of private companies and clinics have been set up to meet the demand for private, paid-for Covid-19 testing.

This can also be a massive disadvantage, though, as it means the variety you need to choose from is overwhelming.

One of the best ways to decide which is the best testing organisation for you is the speed at which they can test you and provide you with results, whether they are government-backed and have UKAS accreditation for their laboratory and testing docility.

At Pure Testing, you get the full benefit of a service that meets all that criteria. Additionally, you have the peace of mind that the staff are all highly trained and experienced healthcare professionals. If you are looking for a Fit to Fly Covid-19 test for travelling to Italy, look no further than Pure Testing.

"Please note, it is you responsibility to check the latest travel guidance for your country of travel. The information below may not be up to date"

Fit to Fly Certificate for Travellers to Italy

Results delivered at 6pm daily. The PCR Swab Test is the most accurate test available.

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Fit to Fly Certificate for Travellers to Italy

What is the Antigen Test?

Get guaranteed results for your Covid-19 Antigen Test at 10pm.

The Antigen Test is used to determine whether you have the Covid-19 virus. This test works by searching for the pieces of the virus that your immune system recognises, the antigens.

It is especially helpful for screening acute, asymptomatic, and mild patients for identifying the Covid-19 infection.

We will email you the test result certificate by 10pm the same day you had the test.

NB. You are not allowed to travel to the majority of destinations on the basis of your Covid-19 Antigen Test. If you are looking to travel please book your PCR Test and Fit to Fly Certificate.

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